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Annual Review 2018

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Global trends

The global market for household appliances is being transformed by five major trends: increased consumer power, digitalization, sustainability, consolidation and a growing middle class. While these changes are placing demands on investments and economies of scale, they are also presenting major opportunities.

Consumer power

Consumer power is growing as increasingly well-informed customers easily can access information about prices, offers and product characteristics on-line, via social media and through mobile access.

Strategic focus: Electrolux experience innovation and brand/product focus is specifically tailored to appeal to targeted consumers' segments and needs.


Digitalization is a key driver of increasing con­sumer power. It also provides substantial opportunities to develop increasingly advanced products, and allows significantly improved productivity and flexibility in industrial operations.

Strategic focus: Electrolux has a strong focus on digital consumer experiences, connectivity and productivity as key value drivers. R&D-investments focus on digitalization.


Sustainability is becoming more important for customers and consumers as well as authorities, who demand that manufacturers develop and offer sustainable products. Authorities around the world are legislating significant energy efficiency requirements.

Strategic focus: Electrolux is a sustainability leader in the appliance industry, as evidenced by numerous recognitions, and has a clear strategic sustainability agenda. The Group has the scale necessary for required investments in sustainability.

Growing global middle class

The continued growth of the global middle class drives market growth in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Strategic focus: Electrolux is a global business with local presence and knowledge in regions with fast-growing middle class, and brands targeting growing product categories. In addition, Electrolux is well positioned to leverage the growing demand for resource efficient products.


Due to the increasing pace of innovation and investment needs, the industry is consolidating into a handful of global actors.

Strategic focus: Electrolux has the global scale, technology,  competence and balance sheet to be one of the drivers of this consolidation.