Annual Report 2013


Performance and progress

The Group’s main focus is embedding sustainability in the business strategy, across the organization, and along the value chain.

The Group’s aim is to manage social, ethical and environmental risks responsibly while creating opportunities around new markets, products and materials. The Group’s approach is presented in three pillars:

  • Products, services and markets
  • People and operations
  • Stakeholders and society

This work is supported by policies and targets to make operations and products more eco-efficient, and maintain high social and ethical standards and transparency across the business. Each year Electrolux tracks progress against these and reports to stakeholders.

Click on the below sections to learn more about progress on the issues deemed most relevant in each of the three sustainability pillars, or see Performance review tables for each of the pillars.

Products, services and markets

Driving innovation and growing the market for more lifecycle-efficient appliances.
Core issues

  1. Product efficiency

  1. Phasing out of chemicals of concern

  1. Sales of green products

  1. Products for the middle of the pyramid

People and operations

Engaging and inspiring employees and improving Group operations for people and the environment.
Core issues

Stakeholders and society

Raising awareness and building partnerships for sustainable solutions.
Core issues


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