Annual Report 2013


Star performers 2014

The Electrolux Sustainability Award aims to motivate and recognize employees for their commitment to the Group’s sustainability goals and highlight the value sustainability brings to the business and its stakeholders.

Every year, Electrolux recognizes efforts that reflect the Group’s commitment to leadership. In line with sustainability objectives, the Sustainability Award honors initiatives in the company that demonstrate product and marketing excellence, operational eco-efficiency, ethics and conduct and engagement in society.

The 2013 two finalists demonstrated that Electrolux has lasting impacts far beyond its own operations, while at the same time realizing business objectives.

And the award goes to,…..

The Small Appliance team received the top honor for actively supporting the introduction of strong EU legislation for vacuum cleaner’ energy labeling and Eco design. Demonstrating leadership, accountability and an inclusive approach, the Small Appliance team took the lead when several competitors dug in their heels against the labeling proposal. Electrolux thereby played a role in the legislation’s prompt introduction.

The new label will make it easy for consumers to make the right choice; delivering increased transparency and more energy-efficient and better-performing vacuum cleaners.

Stricter regulation is bound to help the EU cut energy use as well; with the potential savings of 18 TWh a year by 2020. This exceeds the annual energy consumption of a country the size of Slovenia.

The benefits for Electrolux are also tangible: it will help Electrolux leverage its core competences in product development and sales and give the company the edge on ‘inefficient’ competitors.

The regulation will come into effect as of September 2014.

Ship ahoy

The Global Ocean Team, part of Global Purchasing, was also recognized for its efforts to drive carbon reductions and achieved improved carbon efficiency of more than 20% between 2010 and 2013. As one of the top 15 non-government shippers in the world, the team leveraged its purchasing power to make a change along the entire logistics flow. Through this initiative the team has dramatically reduced carbon emissions, reduced costs and improved relations with stakeholders. Through their insight and engagement, Electrolux is regarded as an advocate of sustainable practices in the global shipping industry.


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