Annual Report 2013


Your Watermark

Electrolux unveils YourWaterMark, the facebook app that helps assess individual water consumption and spreads awareness of the need to conserve water.

Electrolux has partnered with Global Green USA, an environmental non-profit organization and affiliate of Green Cross International, to launch an app aimed at raising individuals’ awareness on their water consumption levels.

Changing tide

Water scarcity affects more than 1.2 billion people on all seven continents and another 1.6 billion live in areas lacking sufficient water infrastructure. At the same time, water use has grown at more than twice the rate of global population in the last century. Electrolux has therefore identified water conservation among its top priorities for innovation and sustainability. As well as introducing water-efficient appliances, Electrolux wants to help users learn to use them in a sustainable way. Raising consumer awareness of environmental impacts is critical to the success of the sustainability strategy.

Another drop in the ocean

YourWaterMark engages consumers worldwide in thinking about their impact on water resources. Electrolux developed the campaign to help people assess the amount of water they use on a daily basis – not just when showering or brushing teeth, but in deciding what to eat and how to commute.  Global Green USA sourced and verified the calculations for YourWaterMark. 

YourWaterMark was rolled out across more than 20 markets around the world and yielded high social media engagement, confirming that sustainability really matters to our target audience.

You can test YourWaterMark at


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