Annual Report 2013


Showing a clean set of heels

Washing machines are among the most energy consuming of household appliances. AEG’s ÖKOMix is the most energy-efficient washing machine on the market and the first ever machine to achieve an A+++ - 50 % rating; guaranteeing that the ÖkoMix slashes energy use in half compared to an A+++ appliance.

The patented technology premixes water and detergents before hitting the drum. This allows a perfect wash, yet consumes less energy, water and time. The ÖkoMix represents game-changing innovation for the market, and a huge leap in efficiency know-how for Electrolux.

Green woollies

Good for the environment, good for your woollies. The OptiSense technology, which automatically adjusts the washing cycle to the load, delivers gentle care for fabrics such as silk and wool, by never over-washing them. The ÖkoMix was therefore awarded Woolmark Platinum certification, a mark of approval that the machine is ideally suited to the job of caring for wool products.


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