Annual Report 2013


Green and gold at São Carlos

Continual improvement and teamwork are two hallmarks of Green Spirit, an internal program to improve efficiency at Electrolux facilities.

An absolute energy reduction of 7% – 7% on a per unit basis – was achieved at the factory in São Carlos, Brazil between 2012 and 2013. It’s a feather in the cap for São Carlos and testament to the Green Spirit initiative’s successful resource efficiency ethos. Electrolux Major Appliances in Latin America, puts it down to good information, engaged people and ambitious goals.

Plastic fantastic

At the outset, São Carlos invested in energy and water meters to build a detailed picture of consumption in the factory. As a result, the plastic shop - responsible for 54% of power use - became the focus of energy reduction efforts. This included increasing production efficiency to eliminate the need for weekend work. As a result, São Carlos has made savings of SEK 7.5 m between 2011 and 2013, achieved Green Spirit Gold level and a place in the final of the Electrolux Sustainability Awards.

Engaging employees and responding to their ideas was essential to behavioral change. One of the keys to achieving gold level in 2013 was acknowledging the importance of simple actions, such as turning off lights, using compressed air only when necessary, turning off computers and the HVAC system.

In the spirit of sharing

Pushing through efficiency initiatives in a complex factory like São Carlos can be difficult, but help was available from Green Spirit leaders and the Intranet community, which houses experience and advice from all over the world.

Now Electrolux in Latin America can offer some wise words on efficiency. Go for detail: understand the energy consumption of your factory in depth, so you can direct your efforts. Aim for high productivity: use the same amount of energy to produce more parts. Set stretch goals: the bigger your challenge, the better the results. Engage people in your cause: it’s easier when everyone is playing their part.


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