Annual Report 2013


Fresh footprint

In China, food scraps comprise 70% of all waste nationwide1 and $32 billion worth of food is thrown away every year. With an estimated 20% of global greenhouse gases linked to the food chain, there are plenty of opportunities to apply smart functionality to reduce the consumer’s carbon footprint.

Enter the Electrolux NutriFresh refrigerator, designed with moveable glass bins, humidity control, and dual deodorizers to keep food fresher longer. Market Fresh is part of the Electrolux “OuYi” range of appliances launched in China this year.

The new range translates insight from over 3500 in-depth consumer interviews. With food safety a topical issue in China, a refrigerator that keeps food fresher can help change consumer behavior to address a key societal concern.

More for less

The range also belongs to the highest energy class, underlining that consumer functionality and energy efficiency go hand in hand--an important message to consumers in China, whose carbon footprint is growing alongside their buying power. According to the Asian Development Bank, “Asia’s rising share of GDP is expected to make it the largest energy-consumer in the foreseeable future.” In line with this, the Chinese government is mandating increasingly strict environmental regulations on appliances. Facilitating market penetration of the most energy-efficient appliances is a way to contain energy consumption while maximizing social benefits in the region.

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