Annual Report 2013


Power to the people

Employee empowerment lies at the core of plant operations at Electrolux in Mexico.

Under the banners communication and education, Juarez Mexico is a model for other Group facilities facing the challenge of operating in markets criticized for restricted freedom of association and stagnating wages.

Creating a water cooler culture

In Mexico, Electrolux plant managers are using innovative communications channels to get to the heart of employee concerns. The plant manager hosts monthly lunches with workers to discuss issues such as safety and worker environment issues. Monthly birthday celebrations offer the opportunity for top managers to raise concerns with all employees in smaller, more informal environments. Monthly roundtable discussions with both hourly and salaried employees are open forums to raise issues. These activities complement more formal channels such as the Communication board, and monthly communications meetings that address progress, new launches, visits and Code of Conduct compliance.

What’s more, employees can influence decision-making through a range of formal employee committees, including those for safety, internal rules, profit sharing and social responsibility.

Never too late to learn

A three-tiered employee educational program has been in place since 2006 to encourage production and non-production staff alike to build on their existing competencies. Electrolux hosts classes and covers educational material costs for those wishing to achieve junior and high school diplomas. In 2013, 120 employees participated in the program, with 66 graduating. Electrolux invested SEK 91 280 (USD 14,000) in the program.

With 90% of the company’s skilled positions being filled from an internal employee pool, the Juarez plant aims to encourage its workers to continue their academic careers. Approximately 95 employees take part in the Tuition Reimbursement Program, for those wishing to attain university and college degrees or language competence.

Put it in, get it back

Upon graduation, study costs are reimbursed by Electrolux. Seven graduated in 2013 and SEK 1 043 200 (USD 160,000) was invested in the program. Close to 100 employees have enrolled in the program for 2014. The Electrolux training center helps enhance vocational skills required in production, given in-house and sponsored by Electrolux. Open to a wide constituency, it enables employees to expand their opportunities within the company.


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