Annual Report 2013


Safety mindset shift in Argentina

Leapfrogging OHS practices is one of the greatest benefits the Group can bring to employees, their families and local communities when taking on new factories in emerging markets.

Keith McLoughlin - statement from OHS

The refrigerator factory in Rosario, Argentina, which joined the Electrolux Group in 2011, demonstrated a step-change in safety performance after the introduction of the Group’s safety program. No small accomplishment, they realized a 65% reduction in accidents in the span of a year.

Coming up Rosario

2012 was the first year that safety performance were measured also on new acquired plants and integrated within Group’s KPIs. Rosario recorded 110 injuries, or an accident frequency rate of 12.4 (TCIR) for that year, well above the Group’s mean average. The results of Rosario’s efforts a year thereafter are palpable. Once the safety program was launched in 2013, the facility recorded 39 incidents, a TCIR of 4.3. At the same time, they noted a high point in production of roughly 680,000 refrigerator units.

Their change in mindset came about by adopting a structured approach. For Rosario it meant identifying culture—leadership and robust processes—as its main safety pillars. It appointed a number of safety technicians and an emergency brigade, and began an ambitious information campaign, including the ”30 Days Without Accidents” campaign. Both company-wide STOP training and training tailored to specific tasks were ongoing throughout the year. Accidents were reported in real time to the plant manager.

For their huge accomplishment, they were recognized with the Most Improved Global Safety Award in 2014 for Latin America.


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