Annual Report 2013


Product examples

Sustainable innovation is among the top four priorities of the Electrolux R&D program. Here’s what it means for products launched during 2013:

Time management

The Time-manager front load washing machine, among 60 products in the Chinese OuYi range, weighs clothes, then recommends and adjusts the time, water and detergent required for the washing cycle. The vapor-refresh cycle can be used when consumers wear clothes once and only require freshening up. See also OuYi.

Pump it up

With its highly efficient dry cycles, Electrolux Professional’s Heat Pump Dryer saves up to 60% of energy compared to standard professional models, and still performs best in tests. It completes a full load cycle in 51 minutes, and measures moisture throughout the process according to type of garment, shortening the drying cycle.

OK to Öko

ÖkoKombi Plus is the first ever washer dryer with heat pump technology. It combines gentle care for your clothes with 40% more energy and water efficiency than current class A ratings. The ÖkoKombi Plus dries at temperatures as much as 50°C lower than conventional washer dryers.

Asian cool

The NutriFresh and FlexFresh fridge ranges target mass-market consumers in Southeast Asia with energy-efficient alternatives at competitive prices. The line includes features that will keep food fresher longer and help reduce food spoilage. The range features coolants with minimal impact on the environment and has received Malaysia’s five-star and Singapore’s energy efficiency ratings.


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