Annual Report 2013


21st century green consumer guide

While much consumer research indicates that sustainable lifestyles are forever ‘just around the corner’, recent research shows that a wider consumer base for sustainable consumption exists today.

In 2013 Electrolux published consumer research on the importance of sustainability in consumer purchasing behavior across six of its major markets. As part of a wider brand scorecard study, 600 consumers per market were interviewed over a three-month period in Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, France and the United States. Some 67% of consumers responding found environmental impact important and very important in their decision-making. The research also showed that Chinese and Brazilian consumers take most account of environmental impacts in their decision-making.

Emerging leadership on efficiency

This is confirmed by Globescan’s Regeneration Consumer Study 2012, an online survey on sustainable consumption which indicates that people in developing markets (Brazil, China, India) are more than twice as likely as their counterparts in developed markets (Germany, United Kingdom, United States) to purchase products because of environmental and social benefits. They are also willing to pay more for sustainable products and encourage others to buy from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Along with factors such as price and features/functions, energy efficiency was ranked as a top-three buying criterion in all of the six countries surveyed by Electrolux. It confirms that sustainable lifestyle choices like efficiency are high on the agenda today for products with significant energy use,– even next to other traditional influences on consumer choice.


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