Annual Report 2013


Performance review: Products, services and markets

As part of its sustainability approach, Electrolux communicates objectives, progress on priorities of each stated aspect of its strategic pillars, along with the next step for 2014 and onwards.

Focus area Objective / challenge 2013 performance Next step
Measuring the profitability of energy and water-efficient products.
  • Underscore the business case for efficient products.

  • Raise the bar on Green Range criteria in ways that are relevant for the Group’s major markets.
  • Global Green Range accounted for 12% of total sold units and 24% of gross profit for consumer products.
  • Review criteria for inclusion in the Green Range and tighten if needed.
Promoting efficient products: Promote a green range of products in each business area. Green Range incorporates state-of the-art energy- and water-efficient appliances.
  • Realize the potential of a Green Range offering through marketing and communications.

  • Help build the market for efficient products in growth markets in Asia and Latin America.
  • Launched new product including the AEG Ökokombi washer-dryer, the Nutrifresh and FlexFresh range of refrigerators in Southeast Asia and the OuYi range in China.
  • Continue to build on the ranges of top environmentally performing products.

  • Increase the focus on efficiency and other environmental benefits in marketing messages globally.
Innovating efficient products
  • Improve environmental performance of appliances.

  • Set long-term targets for reductions in energy, water and chemical use for products in all markets.

  • Elimination of high global warming potential (HGWP) greenhouse gases in foam blowing agents and refrigerants in food preservation and air care.
  • Since 2012, at least one third of the Group’s product development spend has been sustainability-related, the majority invested in energy efficiency.

  • Set product targets for chemical use and energy and water reductions for key product lines in all major markets.

  • Replaced the blowing agent HFC 245fa by cyclopentane in one of the major refrigerator factories in the US
  • Update product reporting system for water and energy performance for all products in all markets.

  • Update product targets.

  • Align with upcoming legislation.

  • Follow-up progress on targets.

  • Establish a central office to coordinate and manage chemical use globally.

  • Substitute HGWP greenhouse gases for alternatives with low global warming potential across the company by 2020
Restricted materials list (RML)
  • Eliminate chemicals of concern from products.
  • Implemented in operations and among suppliers.

  • Updated a new version and released to suppliers.
  • Continually update the RML.

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