Annual Report 2013


We take it personally

Our Purpose is the Group’s commitment to make a positive everyday difference in people’s lives and for our planet. During 2013, voluntary workshops were held across the company to explain the Purpose and inspire personal commitment among employees.

A bold idea

Intended to underline what makes Electrolux special and what value the Group creates, the Purpose aims to engage employees in conversation on the role of Electrolux in society. With its launch in 2012, ‘making a positive difference to people’s lives and for the planet’ is an integrated part of the corporate framework, explaining the overarching reason why the company is in business.

Talking business

To underline its connection with the business strategy, top management engagement is present in internal communications about the Purpose. The Purpose is an optimal platform for integrating sustainability further into the business: it invites conversation from every employee, function and region on the company’s role and how it can do better.

Two-hour voluntary Purpose workshops rolled out in 2013 explored how each employee can individually and collectively contribute to ‘making a positive difference’. Participant feedback indicates the workshops are having an impact: to date, some 2,400 have taken part and 64% of participants evaluate the workshops as ‘very good’ or ‘quite good’. Electrolux is also measuring how many regions and countries are engaging in the initiative and what percentage of employees from different sectors are participating.

Making ripples

To broaden conversation on the Purpose, the company Intranet has an online community showcasing videos, chats and editorial content on the outcome of each workshop (see video). The average number of viewings for a Purpose video is 300, showing the workshops are already having a ripple effect around the organization. Engagement will continue in 2014.


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