Performance review: People and operations (Ethical business)

Principle / activity Objective / challenge

2011 Performance

Next step

Engage with Board and top management on sustainability strategies.
  • More fully integrate sustainability into business strategy.
  • Board informed on strategy, priorities and approach.
  • Group management involved in defining sustainability leadership for Electrolux and refining the sustainability strategy.
  • Ongoing.
Our Electrolux
Embedding a common set of values
  • Integrate a common values system among all employees.
  • Integrate Our Electrolux into the Talent Management processes including performance talks.
  • All white collar workers to complete performance talks.
  • Integrated recommended areas of improvement, based on findings from the 2010 Employee Engagement survey.
  • Values training sessions in Hungary and Egypt.
  • 55 (700) Leadership workshops on Electrolux core and operational values, involving 1,000 (8,000) employees.
  • Global Induction program includes Our Electrolux elements.
  •  Launched the internal Sustainability Award to promote best practice and engage employees.
  • Employee Engagement Survey to be conducted again in 2012.
  • Ongoing work with Our Electrolux and increase the number of performance talks based on Our Electrolux program.
  • Further improve corporate culture by focusing on office and factory working environments.
  • Further improve the quality of competence development.
  • Approximately 80% of white collar employees to complete Performance Talks.
Ethics and integrity – Communicating an ethics program that includes the Code of Ethics and related policies.
  • Develop a program to inform all employees about policies for business ethics.
  • Inform employees of policies as well as practices that help develop sound judgment on the acceptance and offering of gifts and events.
  • Develop a system where all employees can report potential issues.
  • Launched an Ethics program comprising of an internal portal, training material and an ethics helpline, operated by a third party.
  • Rollout of the Ethics program in South America with 8,100 employees taking part in live and e-learning training.
  • Workshops regarding guidelines on gifts and events were held for selected functions.
  • European and Asian rollout of the Ethics program in 2012.
  • Continued rollout of the program across all markets and among all employees.
Ethics and integrity – Monitoring Workplace Code of Conduct performance compliance.
  • Uphold principles of the Code of Conduct, especially in regions with higher risks from human and labor rights perspectives.
  • 14 (11) of 29 (20) plants in risk-defined regions were audited by combined teams from Electrolux and third party for Code of Conduct and environmental compliance.
  • Ongoing.
  • Conduct human rights impact assessments.
Safety – Global approach to health and safety (H&S) management and behavioral change.
  • Operate 25% of Group facilities at manufacturing industry best practice levels by 2016, with the end-goal of zero accidents company-wide.
  • Be the leader in the appliance industry sector for safety performance.
  • The total case-incident rate decreased by 42% (21), while workdays lost due to injuries decreased by 36% (9).
  • Conducted a cultural survey of how plant employees perceive the Group’s H&S priorities. The survey achieved a response rate of 83%, or 26,037 took part.

2012 targets:

  • Sites with TCIR greater than 1.0: 10% reduction.
  • Sites with TCIR less than 1.0: 5% reduction.
Respect and diversity – Development of an innovative culture with diverse employees in terms of cultural backgrounds and gender.
  • Create teams that better reflect consumers in the Group’s markets.
  • Focus more on gender equality, especially with the objective of raising the share of women in senior management teams.
  • Currently, female representation among senior management teams is 14% (14) and Group-wide, 36% (35)  of the company's employees is women.
  • Supported local joint business diversity initiatives in key Group markets such as initiatives through engagement in AIESEC.
  • 38 (31) AIESEC trainees were hosted by Electrolux, 18 (17) of whom were female. 50% of interns from 2010 were offered permanent employment in 2011.
  • Ongoing.