LA6-9: Occupational health and safety

Manufacturing facilities are the focus for health and safety (OHS) work. There is a group-wide global health and safety management program that gathers safety statistics for all Major Appliance operations and three of four Small Appliance factories. Additionally, targets were set for factory facilities.

In 2010 Electrolux defined a year-on-year 10% improvement rate on the total number of OHS incidents (TCIR) for sites with a TCIR rate greater than 1.0. The Group rate realized in 2011 was 1.23%. As a result, the total TCIR rate was reduced by 42%.

In 2011, Major Appliance manufacturing hit a record-low incident rate of less than 1.0, marking a 50% reduction in incidents since the more global safety program began in 2010.

Joint OHS committees

The Workplace Standard and Workplace Code of Conduct stipulate that local OHS management must live up to Group standards. To ensure this, an OHS Committee, consisting of both management and workers, must be in place at every manufacturing facility. All facilities have reported that they have this procedure in place. Moreover, the Electrolux OHS program, the global system used to manage safety, is built on engaging both workers and management in achieving objectives, monitoring performance and advising on OHS programs. 

2011 saw the launch of the first global Environment, Health and Safety Culture Survey distributed to manufacturing employees at 30 facilities and to some 26,000 employees. (See case study above).

Rates of injury

The Group is improving on a global scale. In 2011, the global incident rate decreased by 42% (21) while the number of workdays lost due to injuries decreased by 36% (9). See table LA7 Rates of injury.

Education and training

There is strong Group-wide focus on training in order to prevent injuries and illnesses.

Global OHS training is ongoing and includes induction, CPR, first aid, driver-awareness, drugs and alcohol, and safe operating of machinery such as fork-lifts.

In January 2011 Electrolux celebrated its inaugural Global Safety Day to demonstrate commitment and build awareness about the importance of safety in the workplace.

Coverage in trade union agreements

The International Framework Agreement encompasses a chapter regarding OHS, stating that all employees are to be provided with a safe and healthy working environment, and, when applicable, safe and healthy residential facilities with meeting local law as a minimum. Electrolux and its suppliers are also responsible for taking appropriate action to prevent workplace accidents or illnesses.



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