Electrolux and the capital markets

In its communication with the capital markets, Electrolux aims to supply relevant, reliable, accurate and updated information about the Group’s development and financial position.

Financial information is supplied continuously in annual and interim reports. Telephone conferences are arranged in connection with the publication of interim reports, at which Group Management presents results followed by analyses. Additional market and financial information is available on the Group’s website.

The Electrolux Investor Relations department arranges approximately 300 meetings annually for investors and analysts. About one-third of these are attended by Group Management. Meetings with investors are held at the Group’s head office in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as in the form of roadshows, primarily in major financial markets in Europe and the US. Electrolux also interacts daily with the capital markets.

Capital Markets Day in Stockholm

On November 15, Electrolux arranged a Capital Markets Day in Stockholm to provide the market with more in-depth information regarding its development. The main messages were:

  • Electrolux is a consumer-driven company undergoing change that will continue to launch new products with support from investments in product innovation.
  • Electrolux will continue to improve its operational excellence by adapting capacity to prevailing demand and accelerating its efforts to leverage the company’s global strength and scope.
  • The Group’s exposure to growth markets will rise to about 50% over the next five years.
  • While the overriding strategy pursued by Electrolux stands firm, the pace of implementation will increase.
  • Under very difficult circumstances in 2011, Electrolux has the capacity to generate an underlying EBIT margin of approximately 4%, which boosts the Group’s conviction that it will achieve the financial goal of 6% over a business cycle.


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