Case study LA6-9: Better safe than sorry

From a health and safety perspective, 2011 was a milestone year for Electrolux. The Group celebrated its inaugural Global Safety Day to demonstrate commitment and build awareness. And the first global Environment, Health and Safety Culture Survey showed that employees have a high level understanding of safety and its implementation at work.

Findings from the first Electrolux global Environment, Health and Safety Culture Survey show that more than 70% of employees would recommend Electrolux to family and friends as a safe place to work.

The survey was designed to shed light on employees’ perception of the Group’s performance on environment, health and safety and to establish a baseline to drive and achieve world-class performance. It was distributed to manufacturing employees at 30 Electrolux facilities. Some 26,000 filled it in, an 83% response rate.

The survey also indicates that health and safety training at Electrolux is having the desired effect. For instance, there was a correlation between those facilities that showed high health and safety awareness in the survey and a low Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR).

Global safety day

Learning by doing is often the best way to get the message across and in January 2011 factories across Europe celebrated the launch of Global Safety Day by organizing competitions and training, presenting awards, pinning up safety posters and installing safety information points to highlight the importance of safety in the workplace.

The aim was to reinforce the Group’s commitment, build awareness through employee involvement and reward team members who contribute to a safer workplace.

Global Safety Day is part of a larger plan to increase performance at all plants. Each facility has developed a three-to-five year action plan. The overriding aim is to prevent injuries and environmental incidents from occurring in the first place.