Case study PR1-9: Denmark switches up to green

Since the 2009 climate negotiations in Copenhagen, Electrolux in Denmark has been interviewing consumers on their interest in green products.

Out of these consumers’ insights grew the ‘Switch up to green’ campaign, an initiative that combines elements of online advertising, the 'Vac from the Sea' awareness raising campaign, PR and point-of-sales information.

With the cooperation of key retail customers, the Electrolux team acquired in-store space to make a visible ‘green statement’ for white goods and vacuum cleaners from Electrolux. In parallel, green trade activities were run in all Electrolux chains and stores throughout Denmark.

The campaign combined the benefits of Major and Small Appliances and touted the importance of both energy efficiency and recycled material. The result? A 28% boost on year-on-year sales of green products.