Case study EN8-15: Brazil gets water wise

The Water Conservation and Reuse Project run by the Group's São Carlos plant in Brazil has reduced water use by more than half and won a State award in the process.

The Electrolux plant in São Carlos had extra reason to celebrate World Water Day. The plant was awarded the FIESP (Federation of Industries in the state of São Paulo) award for Water Conservation and Reuse in São Paulo. The award recognized the plant's innovative, practical solutions for reducing its water use by 60% in the span of a year.

The award recipients were selected by a jury of institutions, including the National Water Agency (Agência Nacional de Águas), and WWF, Brazil. Electrolux was competing against 21 other company candidates.

Winning Project

With the help of an additional filtration system, the plant eliminated fabric residue – mostly lint – left in water, and was able to reuse water in production and elsewhere around the facility. Recycled water was monitored by two independent hydrometers for use in restrooms and for distribution in surrounding gardens.