EN16-25: Emissions, effluents and waste

Energy efficiency measures implemented at Electrolux through lean manufacturing and the Green Spirit program have saved 230,000 tons of carbon dioxide between 2005 and 2011.

Greenhouse gas emissions and reductions achieved

Electrolux has exceeded its 2012 absolute reductions target in energy use of 28%, by eight percentage points, or 36% compared to 2005 levels. In the process, the energy costs savings in 2011 were more than SEK 300m compared to 2005.

Waste water discharge

The indicator 'Quality of water' is not reported on due to incomplete data.

Weight of waste and disposal method

The method of disposal was defined by the reporting organization and waste disposal contractors.

Volume of significant spill

The number of incidents has been investigated. No significant spills have been identified, as reported in the Board of Director's report.



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