Performance review: People and operations (Efficiency)

Focus area Objectives / Challenges 2011 Performance Next step
Reducing energy use in operations. An absolute reduction target for energy consumption in operations by 28% between 2005 and 2012. This both reduces carbon emissions and improves operating margins.
  • Reduce the Group’s environmental footprint (particularly by reducing energy and carbon dioxide) in the short and long term.
  • An accumulated absolute energy reduction of 36% (25) since 2005, achieved a year ahead of schedule.
  • 230,000 fewer tons of carbon dioxide was emitted since 2005.
  • The savings in energy costs in 2011 was more than SEK 300m compared to 2005.
  • An interim 3.5% energy reduction target was set for 2012.
  • Achieve the one-year, 3.5% 2012 energy reductions target.
  • Define a 2015 reduction target in 2012.
  • Formulate an investment plan to support the medium-term energy-reduction target.
Establish baseline levels of performance on efficient operations and encourage best practice.
  • Engage local organizations in ambitious group-wide targets.
  • Introduced Electrolux Manufacturing System’s (EMS) certification for energy performance.
  • 8 operations received gold certification, 5 silver and 20 bronze.
  • EMS energy certification goal: all operations to achieve the gold standard by year-end 2012.
Working towards a carbon reduction from transportation of goods.
  • Streamline logistics and reduce the carbon impact of transportation through intermodal transport, using shipping and rail wherever possible.
  • Define comparable methods of measuring carbon impacts from transportation.
  • Performance is in line with the Group’s 15% carbon reduction target by 2014 for transport emissions.
  • Logistics methodology for calculating emissions for road transport was adopted widely within the Group.
  • Engagement in the BSR Clean Cargo Working Group.
  • Work towards the transport targets by sharing experience and best practice.
  • Include low carbon procure-ment stipulations for logistics suppliers.
Improve water efficiency of Electrolux operations.
  • Gain a greater understanding of water impacts.
  • Reduce the use of water in Electrolux operations.
  • Performance is in line with the Group’s 20% water reduction target by 2014, compared to the 2010 baseline.
  • Work towards the water and transport targets by sharing experience and best practice.
  • Define targets for air and water emissions reductions in factories.