Performance review: Products, services and markets

Focus area Objective / challenge 2011 performance Next step
Measuring the profitability of energy and water-efficient products.
  • Underscore the business case for efficient products.
  • Raise the bar on Green Range criteria in ways that are relevant for the Group’s major markets.
  • Global Green Range accounted for 7% of total sold units and 15% of gross profit for consumer products.
  • Criteria for inclusion in the green ranges were raised for example for laundry products in North America and food preservation in Europe.
  • Raise the bar again on criteria for inclusion in the Green Range.
Promoting efficient products: Promote a green range of products in each business area. Green Range incorporates state-of the-art energy- and water-efficient appliances.
  • Realize the potential of a Green Range offering through marketing and communications.
  • Help build the market for efficient products in growth markets in Asia and Latin America.
  • Floor Care completed rollout of a new series of 6 Green Range products.
  • Continue to build on the ranges of top environmentally performing products.
  • Strengthen marketing and communications of Green Range products.
Innovating efficient products
  • Raise the bar on environmental performance of appliances.
  • Set long-term targets for reductions in energy, water and chemical use for products in all markets.
  • Sustainable innovation is stated as among the top four priorities of the R&D program.
  • Set product efficiency targets in 2012.
Restricted materials list (RML)
  • Eliminate hazardous substances from products.
  • Launched program to phase-out RoHS globally.
  • Implementation in operations and among suppliers.