EN3-7: Energy

Energy consumption and efficiency improvements

In total, 89% (92) of the Group’s energy consumption derives from production facilities, the remaining 11% (8) comes from office and warehouses. Manufacturing comprises a mix of assembly and other processes such as metalworking, molding of plastics, painting and enameling.

Energy saved due to conservation

Electrolux exceeded its 2012, 28% energy savings target by eight percentage points, a year ahead of schedule. The Group thereby consumed 36% less energy than the 2005 benchmark and emitted 230,000 tons less carbon dioxide at similar production volumes. This data derives from 47 factories, 36 warehouses and 40 offices, compared to 52 factories, 17 warehouses and 25 offices in 2005.

Note: Energy reduction performance was calculated according to World Resources Institute (WRI). Electricity emissions factors were updated according to the 2011 data set as published by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Energy savings target 2012 (GRI EN18)

The Group’s energy consumption has been reduced 36% since 2005, corresponding to a reduction of 230,000 tons of carbon dioxide.