LA10-12: Training and education

Electrolux has tools and processes in place for organizational learning and knowledge management. This includes formal learning networks and Internet-based knowledge, as well as a company-own education facility.

Shaping great leaders

The Executive Assessment develops the 200 positions of the company. Between 2005 and 2010, 130 were assessed within the scope of this project and members have also participated in follow-up discussions with coaching. To develop employees further, Electrolux offers three different leadership programs that provide guidance for line managers, middle managers and senior leaders. The programs are run across the globe.

Since launch in 2009, Electrolux has held 750 (700) workshops, with some 9,000 (8,000) employees on training in the Electrolux vision and values program, Our Electrolux.

In addition, Electrolux uses its annual Performance Talks as a mandatory tool for all white-collar employees (representing approximately 26% of all employees) for formal skill-mapping and to develop their competencies further.

The Group does not, collect data on the average number of hours of training per employee.

Sustainability training

Workshops and training are ongoing to support other aspects of Electrolux sustainability goals. These include ISO14001, Workplace Standard, Health & Safety and Our Electrolux, vision and values training.

Occupational health and safety

There is strong group-wide focus on training in order to prevent injuries and illnesses, especially in manufacturing. Global OHS training are ongoing, including induction, CPR, first aid, driver-awareness, drugs and alcohol, and safe operating of machinery such as fork-lifts.


The Ethics at Electrolux program brings the Electrolux Group Code of Ethics, the Code of Conduct and Environmental Policy to life. It features a guidance booklet, an internal web portal with additional policy information and a training module. (See more at SO2 Anti-corruption and the related case story, SO2-4 Ethics for all.)

The program kicked off in 2011 in Latin America through an extensive campaign covering Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, with some 8,100 employees taking part. 

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