Relocation of production (plant closures and cutbacks)

Plant closures and cutbacks   Closed
Nuremberg Germany Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers (Q1 2007)
Torsvik Sweden Compact appliances  (Q1 2007)
Adelaide Australia Dishwashers (Q2 2007)
Fredericia Denmark Cookers (Q4 2007)
Adelaide Australia Washing machines (Q1 2008)
Spennymoor UK Cookers (Q4 2008)
Changsha China Refrigerators (Q1 2009)
Scandicci Italy Refrigerators (Q2 2009)
Motala Sweden Cookers (Q2 2010)
St. Petersburg Russia Washing machines (Q2 2010)
Authorized closures     Estimated closure
Webster City USA Washing machines (Q1 2011)
Alcalà Spain Washing machines (Q1 2011)
L’Assomption Canada Cookers (Q4 2013)
Investment     Effected
Porcia Italy Washing machines (Q4 2010)
Memphis USA Cookers (Q2 2012)
In 2004, Electrolux initiated a restructuring program to make the Group’s production competitive in the long term. When it is implemented in 2011, more than half of production of appliances will be located in low-cost areas. The total cost of the program will be approximately SEK 8.5 billion and savings will amount to approximately SEK 3.4 billion annually as of 2013. Restructuring provisions and write-downs are reported as items affecting comparability within operating income. For information on provisions in 2010, see table on page 8.