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Digital transformation

In today’s digital world, consumers are more empowered than ever before. This is why Electrolux continues to digitalize to deliver outstanding consumer experiences, leverage global scale, and drive productivity and flexibility. 

The digital transformation affects the entire company and includes five core areas:

Digital 360 consumer experience - A digitally supported 360 shopping and ownership journey that focuses on creating the best consumer experience at different stages. This includes exploring various alternatives, visiting websites, interacting on social media, choosing products at retailers, product installation and product use. Digitization results in new revenue streams from individualized ownership solutions.

Connected experiences – Using connectivity to create new user experiences and ensure high-quality connected ownership. Creating new business models through a smart connected appliance ecosystem.

Digital productivity - Using digital productivity tools to become a preferred partner through ease of doing business and reliability. Leveraging big data and business intelligence to always be one step ahead.

Modularization and digital manufacturing - Minimizing product cost and maximizing quality and flexibility through the digital manufacturing of modularized products. 

Digital supply chain – Using a fully-integrated digital supply chain to increase flexibility and consumer experience. Ensuring 100% product availability with minimal lead times and capital requirement.