Our mission is to reinvent taste, care and wellbeing experiences for more enjoyable and sustainable living around the world. This is driving our profitable growth strategy focusing on creating long-term value. 

Focused profitable growth strategy

Electrolux applies a three-step model for all business areas, in order to achieve sustainable profitable growth and reach the targets of an operating margin of at least 6%, sales growth of at least 4% and a minimum return on net assets of 20% over a business cycle.

  • 1Stability &
  • 2Sustainable
  • 3Targeted
  • Profitable

Financial targets for profitable growth*

  • Operating margin


  • Sales


  • Return on net assets


*Financial targets over a business cycle

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This is how we drive profitable growth

To drive profitable growth, Electrolux uses a business model with three main parts; consumer focus, increase competitiveness and future drivers.

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Our purpose

By creating desirable solutions and great experiences that enrich people's daily lives and the health of our planet, we want to be a driving force in defining enjoyable and sustainable living. We shape living for the better.

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Annual Report 2019

PDF of legal Annual Report with financial statements.

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Annual Review 2019

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Sustainability Report 2019

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