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The climate target 2020: halving our CO2 impact

Progress against our target

Halve the Group’s climate impact by 2020, preventing the release of 25 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) over 15 years. 

How we’ll achieve it Next steps
Be a leader in product efficiency in our most important markets by 2020. Read more on our progress here: Constantly Improve Product Performance & Efficiency 
Eliminate high-impact greenhouse gases from our products by 2020.

Read more on our progress here:

Eliminate Harmful Materials 

Improve efficiency throughout our operations and supply chain.

Read more on our progress here:  

Achieve More with Less 

Improve Sustainability in the Supply Chain

In 2015 we have cut our CO2-impact by 27% compared to 2005, building momentum for our 50% target by 2020.

Progress on our 50% CO2-target