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8. Be a force for good

Progress on our promise

Electrolux will make a positive difference in our local communities, focusing on important areas of social needs.

The roadmap to 2020   Next steps
Establish a Group approach to social investment, focusing on a few strategic areas of need that fit with our business strategy. ​​

Announce a common platform for community initiatives.

Create a Group reporting system for social investment as of 2016.

​​ On track  

​​ Additional effort is required  

​​ Off track  

​​ Work has not yet begun  

How we measure progress

  • To be announced in 2016

Announced this year, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define 17 global priorities and aspirations for 2030, spanning issues such as ending poverty and hunger, combating climate change and promoting education.

The SDGs are helping us align our work in the community with the priorities that society has identified as most important, as well as with our positive and negative impacts along the value chain. In this way, our approach to working in the community is becoming more strategic and connected to our business model.

We have begun a process to develop our approach, engaging in dialogue across sectors, regions and functions and involving external partners. We are exploring relevant areas of engagement and developing criteria for potential initiatives for investment. In 2016, we will launch a platform that pinpoints where we can make the greatest difference. Taking on lessons learned from other initiatives, local operations will be able to tailor their activities to meet local needs and adapt them to benefit local partnerships.

Electrolux has a long tradition of investing actively in local communities where it operates. Here are some examples of our work in 2015:

  • Electrolux North America has donated more than 3,500 appliances valued at more than SEK 9.2m since 2012. The company has also made monetary donations valued at more than SEK 8.4m since 2012 to non-profit organizations that focus on education, critical needs and arts and culture.
  • Electrolux Professional continues to work with Worldchefs to use Electrolux Centers of Excellence for hosting workshops that educate chefs on the importance of incorporating sustainable practices and maintaining high standards of preparation and service.
  • Together with the NGO The Food Bank Singapore, Electrolux helped to raise food waste awareness and help feed up to 2,000 families in need. Raising food-waste awareness.
  • In Colombia, we introduced a follow-up program for reintegrating former guerilla combatants and training them to become service technicians. Out of 12 selected participants, seven completed the program and can now work as service technicians for Electrolux appliances. This gives them an opportunity to provide for themselves and their families at the same time as it supports our business.

The challenges

  • Finding a balance between local priorities and generating benefits on the Group level.

Our approach

Our Social Investment Coordination Group is tasked with sharing ideas and finding opportunities for aligning activities. A reporting system that captures the extent of our activities was introduced in late 2015.

Our approach to social investment is locally owned and globally facilitated. The Group will develop a common platform to share best practice, find common themes and activities, and with a reporting system to measure the difference we make.