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Materiality process

Material issues are topics that reflect our most significant economic, environmental and social impacts. We track these topics continuously to make sure we’re addressing the ones of greatest importance.

Our materiality process aims to understand the topics that influence both our stakeholders’ perception of our brands and the Group’s performance as a company and how it connects to the business strategy. It is therefore an important way of evaluating our ability to create and sustain value.

We draw on insights from global trends and drivers, market intelligence, product research, internal and external dialogue, expert opinion and consumer surveys, and other sources of information to develop an up-to-date understanding of the business context.

We also ensure we’re aligned with the needs and expectations of our most important stakeholders – consumers, employees and our shareholders around the world. In 2014 we assessed stakeholder priorities alongside global trends research and our business knowledge. Working with Group Management and top management we analyzed, prioritized and built group-wide consensus around our promises. These promises reflect how Electrolux can make its biggest contribution to society.

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