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Next generation Lagoon

Reliable. Easy. Green. Sustainability-led innovation helps Electrolux Professional bypass chemicals use in dry-cleaning solutions.

For Lagoon Advanced Care, relaunched across Professional markets in 2015, we’ve taken the benefits that water-based dry cleaning provides for the environment, shop workers and consumers, and added the delivery speed and ease of traditional dry-cleaning solutions.

With growing concern about the proliferation of chemicals and its effect on the environment, workers and consumers, it’s important to innovate solutions that entirely avoid use of such substances. This challenge is highly relevant in the dry cleaning industry.

With the Lagoon Advanced Care system, use of strong chemicals have been eliminated. Using only water and common detergents, the Lagoon is cost efficient and easy to operate. It has the added benefits of its high-care factor for all kinds of fibers and consistent results; a fact recognized by The Woolmark Company and the Hohenstein Institute.

To ensure wide uptake, the Lagoon is uncompromising on delivery, too. The Advanced Care system cycle takes about an hour to complete. With this quick processing time and less manual work required for finishing touches on the fabric, we have introduced a faster process that translates into a high quality result, with better care for the environment.

Changing the game with Lagoon Advanced Care