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Electrolux joins U4E to promote high-efficiency appliances

Electrolux is contributing to a multi-stakeholder partnership that supports policy makers in emerging countries in their efforts to create the market for efficient appliances.

Rising incomes and improved standards of living around the world means the market for appliances is growing. At the same time, electricity demand is expected to double to 2030, especially in emerging markets.

Making energy efficiency affordable

The International Energy Agency’s 2012 Energy Outlook report confirms energy efficiency can provide as much as 50% of the abatement the world needs to keep climate change to two degrees. As a manufacturer, our challenge is to meet the growing need for electrical products by deploying our energy-efficient technologies affordably.

This is no easy task. It requires policy frameworks and incentives across the globe, and joint efforts among companies, policy makers and organizations.

A meeting of minds

That’s why Electrolux has joined United 4 Efficiency (U4E) a public-private partnership led by the United Nations Environment Programme, together with the Global Environment Facility, United Nations Development Programme, International Copper Association, CLASP and Natural Resources Defence Council. Aimed at stimulating the market for efficient electrical products, U4E helps governments in emerging markets develop and implement national and regional strategies for improved energy efficiency.

The U4E program provides input, the case for, and best practice examples that illustrate potential environmental, financial and economic savings that come with a transition to high-efficiency products. Its focus stretches across six product categories, including refrigerators and air conditioners. Electrolux, together with industry peers, is supporting the initiative with know-how, data and insights into energy labelling, incentive programs and how to effectively manage redundant appliances.

U4E hopes to contribute to a 10% decrease in global electricity consumption, and an absolute reduction of 1.25 billion tonnes of COby 2030.

Partnering with UNEP to show the way towards more efficient appliances.