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“Renewed” commitment

We’re taking a big step towards transitioning to renewables: as of 2016, a majority of the Electrolux manufacturing sites across the EU will exclusively use electricity from renewable sources.

By working systematically to improve energy efficiency over the last ten years, we’ve reached a point in many facilities where it makes sense to shift focus to renewables to further reduce our climate footprint.

That’s why between now and 2020, we’ve pledged to increase the use of renewable energy at our factories and facilities. Our group-wide commitment is led by 13 manufacturing sites in Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Italy and Germany, which will exclusively procure electricity powered by hydro, solar, wind or bio-mass as of 2016. Collectively, this is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 75,000 tons per year, which equates to 60% of our emissions in Europe and 20% of our total emissions in operations in 2015. 

Following the leaders

Although our group-wide commitment is new, our use of renewables in some facilities have been long-standing. Since 2015, Electrolux headquarters in Sweden and the UK only procure electricity from renewable sources and we have had onsite energy generation for a number of years at our Electrolux Professional sites in Vallenoncello and Forli, Italy.

Solar panel roof at the facility in Vallenoncello.