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2. Make better use of resources

Progress on our promise

Electrolux will make better use of resources by using more recycled materials, helping to build the market for recycling.

The roadmap to 2020   Next steps
Replace virgin materials with recycled materials in existing designs. ​​

Expand strategic partnerships with suppliers. 

Leverage experience from Europe in other regions. 

Adapt product design to further increase the use of recycled material. ​​

Explore and adapt design for using recycled material.

Assess possibilities of increasing the share of recycled materials in already approved applications.

Assess new components.

Set a target for the volume of recycled plastics used in Electrolux products. ​​

Assess potential for recycled materials in all sectors and relevant product lines.

​​ On track  

​​ Additional effort is required  

​​ Off track  

​​ Work has not yet begun  

How we measure progress

  • To be announced in 2016.

With greater access to materials secured in Europe and proven cost benefits, the stage is set for increasing the use of recycled plastics across the business.

Our use of recycled plastics is rising steadily. We used 68% more recycled plastic in 2015 as in 2014, and over 30 times more than in 2010. The total share of recycled plastics to virgin material is still low, but this year applications and the scale of its use have grown considerably.

The business case

Based on the results of European pilots in vacuum cleaners, Electrolux has been actively exploring recycled plastics over the last five years, transforming post-consumer plastics into a high-quality plastic optimized for use in appliances. We are also exploring more complex applications for vacuum cleaners, redesigning components to suit recycled material.

The challenges

  • Traceability of the source of plastics.
  • Securing safe, high-quality material.
  • Access to materials depend on successful recycling schemes. It may prove difficult to secure the volume of recycled plastic we need in some markets.

Overcoming these challenges rides on strategic partnerships with suppliers of plastic and strong internal capabilities. Specific requirements have been added to the Electrolux Restricted Materials List, covering our restrictions on hazardous substances.

The approach

A relevant target and performance indicators will be announced in 2016. We have a Recycling Taskforce in place with representatives of each business sector, purchasing, R&D, production and product lines to define this promise’s scope, targets and action points. Workshops with product designers in the US and Europe are ongoing to raise awareness.  

Growth of recycled plastics
  2011 2012 2013 20141) 20151)
Growth of recycled plastics 100% 396% 362% 976% 1706%

Electrolux increased its use of recycled plastic over 30 times between 2010 and 2015.