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The climate target 2020: Halving our CO2 impact

Focusing on our major impacts, we will prevent millions of tons of carbon dioxide and its equivalents (CO2e) from entering the atmosphere.

The target

Halve the Group’s climate impact, preventing the release of 25 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and its equivalents (CO2e) over 15 years – between 2005 and 2020. 

The roadmap to 2020

  • Be a leader in product efficiency in our most important markets.
  • Eliminate high-impact greenhouse gases from our products.
  • Improve efficiency throughout our operations and supply chain. 

At present, the target covers our largest markets: Europe, North America, Brazil, China and Australia. We know there will be barriers to achieving this goal – but we’re prepared to invest, innovate and influence the marketplace in order to break them down. 

The case for action

Tackling climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases is among the biggest, most urgent challenges society is facing. We are reducing CO2 emissions from the manufacture of products in our own facilities, the transport of finished products, and the energy consumed during their use. 

Over 80% of our climate impact is caused when energy is consumed during the use of our products. That means we can make our greatest contribution to tackling climate change by making sure our products are more energy efficient.

We can also make a difference by eliminating the use of hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs) when manufacturing refrigerators, air conditioners and products with heat pumps. HFCs are gases with a high global warming potential, still used in some countries due to regulatory or market barriers to alternative gases.