Case story ~ taste

Profitable growth through targeted innovation in steam ovens

Electrolux has strengthened its leading European position in consumer steam ovens by innovating an affordable range that has significantly increased volumes and margin.


  • +310% profitable volume growth (2019 vs 2015)
  • +6 pts market share growth (2019 vs 2015)
  • +180% CTF growth* (2019 vs 2015)

*Contribution To Fixed = Net sales - Variable costs

Innovation based on consumer need

Electrolux saw the consumer demand for an affordable range of steam ovens. By making established professional steam technology more cost efficient, Electrolux has developed a steam oven range that is well adapted to consumer needs.

Steam cooking not only improves taste and texture – it also has health benefits by retaining more nutrients in the food. But as there were no affordable consumer ovens on the market, Electrolux has opened up significant market opportunities by innovating an affordable range.

Substantial growth

Since 2015, Electrolux has consolidated its leading position by increasing its steam oven market share by 6 pts. Since 2015, volumes have increased from 140,000 units to 570,000 in Europe alone with a strong increase in profit.

Steamify® – facilitating best-in-class cooking

Electrolux launched several steam ovens with the Steamify® function in September 2019 at the IFA Berlin consumer electronics fair.
The Steamify® function automatically combines the right amount of steam and traditional heat for best-in-class baking, roasting and steaming results – making delicious dishes even easier.