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Re-engineering further strengthens competitiveness

The Anderson refrigeration plant in South Carolina in the U.S. will become one of the Group's most automated facilities following a USD 250m re-engineering investment – to realize cost efficiencies and faster innovation.


  • Automation level increased to about 35% vs. < 10% 
  • Significant cost savings
  • -75% in SKUs
  • -20% electricity

The plant is one of the first investments in the Electrolux re-engineering program, with its new heavily automated production of refrigerators and freezers. Production commenced in Q3 2019 and ramp-up continues in 2020. The Anderson investment is also part of the company's U.S. refrigerator and freezer production consolidation – from three lines in two facilities to four lines in one facility.

Increased efficiency brings cost savings

Best-in-class automation solutions, modularization and more energy-efficient production at Anderson will result in significant cost savings. Savings will also be realized through significant direct material savings by manufacturing modular components and a simplified offering focusing on the most profitable refrigeration products.

Enabling an enhanced offering

The ‘food preservation’ category is the largest in North America for Electrolux – accounting for nearly half of business area sales. Frigidaire is the market leader in North America and a new range of innovative Frigidaire refrigerator and freezer products has been enabled by the re-engineering investment in Anderson.

The new refrigerator and freezer range is based on completely new product architectures to speed up innovation and enhance the consumer experience. The product range introduces a new modern design, the latest in food preservation technology to keep fruit and vegetables fresher longer, and larger storage capacity to give consumers optimal food accessibility. The range also features a redesigned freestanding single door refrigerator and freezer platform that offers built-in style products to the mass premium market segment.