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Consumers willing to pay extra for eco features

The new QuickSelect user interface, which makes it easy for consumers to optimize the use of Electrolux dishwashers, has increased both product consumer ratings and profitability.


  • The QuickSelect dishwasher range has driven the gain of 0.9 pts value market share since 2018
  • 4.7 in consumer star ratings

Designed around consumer insight

Electrolux research into consumer behavior found that conventional dishwasher cycle programs, such as ‘intensive wash’ and ‘normal wash’, are often not fully understood by consumers. In response to this, Electrolux developed the QuickSelect user interface, which underwent rigorous consumer testing to deliver a consumer-centric solution.

Efficiency made easy

The QuickSelect dishwasher interface intuitively indicates to the consumer how they can save energy and water. As the user slides the cycle length and choses or selects additional options, the Ecometer on the interface changes to indicate the eco performance of each particular selection.

By providing instant feedback on their dishwasher selections, QuickSelect gently encourages the consumer to make more sustainable choices that use less energy and water – and ultimately reduce their utility bills.

Positive consumer response

The QuickSelect interface has been highly appreciated by consumers – achieving a consumer star rating of 4.7 by the end of 2019. Dishwashers with the QuickSelect user interface have driven the 0.9 pts value market share since 2018.

QuickSelect was introduced in 2019 as part of a new Electrolux kitchen range and is available in all European countries. During the year, it was also introduced under the AEG brand.