Case story ~ care

Keeping leadership in a fast growing, attractive category 

The market for high-capacity Top Load Washing Machines (TLWMs) has grown rapidly in Latin America in recent years, driven by consumer need to save time and resources by washing more clothes in a single batch.


  • Keeping leadership in a fast growing, attractive category
  • Profitable growth in TLWM category by 35% between 2015 and 2019 
  • High consumer star rating in Brazil of 4.6

TLWMs are the largest sub-category in Latin America, and sales of products with a +12 kg capacity have almost doubled in recent years to now account for half of the market.

Electrolux is the largest player in this attractive category with nearly one-third of the market and has increased sales during the last five years. Electrolux has long experience in this market and drew on deep consumer insight to specifically increase its TLWM market share by more than 2 pts since 2015. 

Perfect dilution technology for the premium segment

Latin American consumers are increasingly looking for more efficient laundry washing in terms of superior results and well-cared for clothes. Here, the dilution of detergent is key.

Electrolux has developed a 17 kg capacity washing machine for the premium segment to meet the Latin American consumer preference for large washing machines. The machine uses ‘perfect dilution’ technology to ensure the perfect mix of detergent and softener to care for clothes and avoid stains.

Consumer campaigns have focused on these care benefits, as well as consumer relevance and differentiation to drive market position and profitability. The consumer response has not only resulted in a strengthened market position, but also high consumer ratings in 2019 – for example 4.6 in Brazil.