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Leveraging our Swedish heritage in Australia

During 2019, new innovations aimed at more premium segments were rolled out in Australia – benefitting from a sharper Electrolux brand closely associated with the company's Swedish heritage.


  • Increased Electrolux branded sales in 2019 by close to 45% with strong EBIT contribution
  • Increased the market share for the Electrolux brand significantly.

Product launches under a sharper Electrolux brand

During the year, Electrolux new product launches in Australia benefited from a stronger Electrolux brand based on Swedish values. New products included over 70 new models across six categories in the laundry and kitchen segments.

The Electrolux brand has a competitive advantage through its Swedish heritage as research shows that Australian consumers associate Sweden with premium quality, sustainability, innovation, design and progress. This creates brand credibility, which is increasingly important in the appliance industry.

A sharper brand contributed toward a 45% sales increase in Electrolux branded products during the year in Australia.

Working for optimal consumer experiences

To ensure consumers have the best possible experience whether online, in store or at home, a campaign was launched in Australia to enhance consumer experiences for the new Electrolux products. The campaign also promoted product reviews as over 90% of consumers use reviews to make decisions on the brands and products they are considering.

In 2019, a new intuitive kitchen range under the Electrolux brand was also launched in Europe. The new range is designed to work in harmony with the cook and has been very well received by consumers.