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Our appliances keep ingredients fresher for longer and make the most of their nutrients. Then, after you’ve enjoyed your meal, our dishwashers can help you tidy up in an ecofriendly way.

A lot of resources go into producing the food on your plate, from growing it to packaging and transporting it. All over the world, up to one third of food is wasted. At Electrolux, we’re doing our part to ensure that your food stays as fresh as possible as long as possible, so nothing ends up in the bin.

Our UltraFresh+ fridge keeps fruits and vegetables delicious for longer. The sealed crisper drawer automatically keeps the humidity level just right for fresh ingredients, removing all excess condensation so that nothing dries out.

The antioxidant filter helps preserve the original vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables, and it also protects their nutritional value.

Vegetables last fresh longer in an UltraFresh+ fridge.

Preparing your food

It’s not just about keeping fruits and vegetables nutritious and fresher for longer. It’s also about helping consumers prepare their meals in a way to ensure that as little food as possible heads to the bin.

Who hasn’t thrown away the first pancake or eaten a steak that spent a few minutes too long in the frying pan? Wouldn’t life be so much easier if a hob would control the heat of the frying pan for you?

Well, that’s exactly what our SenseFry induction hob does. It has sensors that measure the temperature of pots and pans and adjust the power as needed, keeping the temperature consistent for the best frying results. Nothing is burned and nothing goes to waste!

The SenseFry is part of the SenseCook series of smart hobs. Part of the same series, the SenseBoil hob detects when water starts to boil and automatically adjusts the temperature, bringing the water to a controlled simmer that gently boils your ingredients. All these features help save energy, too.

Gently boil your ingredients on a SenseFry smart hob.

When it’s cleanup time!

Washing your dishes in a dishwasher saves a lot of water and is another way you can reduce your environmental footprint.

The QuickSelect feature, included on the AEG ComfortLift dishwasher, is an intuitive way to start a load of dishes. Consumers just need to answer two questions. The first is when they need the dishes ready by, and the second is whether any optional treatments are needed. Then the dishwasher takes over.

The AEG ComfortLift not only makes it easy for consumers to wash dishes, but it also makes it easy to see the environmental impact. The Ecometer gives direct feedback about how energy-efficient your load will be.

Good Karma

Electrolux has partnered with Sweden-born startup Karma, which allows consumers to buy unsold food from restaurants, cafes and grocers for half the regular price.

The two companies are exploring innovative solutions for the future of food and jointly helping consumers and the food industry take bigger responsibility in reducing food waste.

One such solution is a connected fridge known as the Karma Pod. It works as a pickup point for unsold food that otherwise would likely be thrown away. The fridge was first piloted at Electrolux HQ in Stockholm and then in a nearby grocery store, ICA Kvantum Liljeholmen.

Using the Karma app, users unlock the fridge, which is equipped with a smart lock, by displaying a QR code. The purchased product then needs to be shown by the user at the checkout in the grocery store.

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