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Your garments deserve the very best. Our appliances take gentle care of them, so clothes look new for longer and the environmental footprint is reduced.

Around 90% of our clothing is thrown away too soon, and on average, an astounding 2,700 liters of water go into making one single T-shirt1). To reduce the impact on the environment, we need to get the most use out of our clothes and show respect for all the resources that went into making them.

“For many people their clothes are much more than just pieces of fabric stitched together. They represent someone’s personality and can hold special memories. So, they deserve the best care possible,” says Karina Moreira, Product Marketing Manager – Laundry.

Getting the balance of detergent just right

Use too little detergent to wash clothes and they won’t be clean, while whites will gradually turn gray. Use too much and the fibers in clothes might be damaged causing early aging, loss of color vitality and shape over time.

The Autodose feature, available on selected AEG 6000, 7000 and 8000 washing machines, applies the precise amount of detergent and softener to the washing cycle. Smart sensors inside the washing machine measure the load size and calculate the exact amount of detergent and softener needed, so clothes look like new for longer. With Autodose, cotton garments resist tearing for up to three times longer.*) 

Purified and softened water = vibrant clothes

Our SoftWater technology, available on AEG 9000 washing machines, purifies and softens water before it enters the drum so that detergents can work at their best even at the lowest temperatures. Conventional washing machines use heat to activate detergents, so they need high temperatures to achieve a really deep clean. Now consumers can get the thorough clean of a 60°C wash at just 30°C.

This technology cleans garments so delicately that consumers can be confident the colors – even blacks – will stay as vibrant as when they were new. A test for color fastness was performed on black polyester after 50 washing cycles at 30°C.

Caring is daring

Our research has shown that many consumers are scared to dry items such as down jackets in a tumble dryer.

The AEG 9000 tumble dryer with 3DScan Technology scans the humidity inside and outside clothes (detecting the residual moisture). The machine responds by adjusting its time and temperature to ensure that clothes are dried thoroughly.

This means their garments are taken better care of, giving confidence to consumers who are afraid to dry anything other than cottons.

“In our tests, we saw no shrinkage for merino wool compared to flat drying, silks retained their shape and came out with even fewer creases than by natural air drying. Outdoor water repellent garments preserved their properties even better than air drying. Even difficult-to-dry down jackets maintained their appearance and came out with up to 30% higher thermal insulation compared to when they were air dried,” says Moreira. 

A human-centered approach to professional laundry

Used at hotels, hospitals and other big facilities, these appliances offer the lowest possible water, energy and detergent consumption to save money and time, and yield a lower environmental footprint.

The Line 6000 tumble dryers feature heat pump technology that reduces drying times and yields more than 60% savings on energy.

The washer’s Automatic Savings feature weighs the load and adjusts the water level to the amount of linen, saving water, energy and detergents. The washer’s Power Balance feature corrects any unbalance in the appliance – again to save time and ensure the best drying results.

*) When force is applied to cotton washed in 30° with automatic detergent dosing it equals 30 AEG washes  compared to 10 competitor washes to reach the same wear.

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