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Be a force for good


Progress on our promise

Electrolux will make a positive difference in our local communities, focusing on important areas of social needs.

The roadmap to 2020 Next steps
Establish and implement a Group approach to social investment, focusing on key strategic areas of need that fit with our business strategy.
  • Implement local and global projects supported by the Electrolux Food Foundation and the partnership with Worldchefs and AIESEC – learn, replicate and scale-up.

​​ On track  

​​ Additional effort is required  

​​ Off track  

​​ Work has not yet begun  

How we measure progress

  • Number of projects implemented, with the support of Electrolux Food Foundation and the Feed the Planet partnership.
  • Outcome metrics, including people reached, people trained, meals served, etc, in line with local project targets.

As a sustainability leader in our industry, we believe we have the responsibility and opportunity to make a positive difference, not only for those directly affected by our activities, but also in our local communities. To maximize the positive impact of our efforts, we focus on food related challenges.

During 2015 and 2016, we developed our approach to social investment, engaging in dialogue across sectors, regions and functions and involving external partners, to determine how best we can make a positive difference in our local communities. This led to the launch of two key initiatives during the year:

  • The Electrolux Food Foundation: With an initial investment of SEK 10m, the Foundation will support local and global Electrolux projects that tackle food related challenges.
  • The Feed the Planet partnership: Through this partnership, projects can access expertise, skills and manpower from the two partnering organizations Worldchefs, organizing over 10 million chefs worldwide, and AIESEC, a global network of young leaders focusing on world issues and leadership development.

One of the aims of our approach to social investment is to encourage local business units and employees to engage in projects. This is to further strengthen our corporate culture and employee pride in working for a socially responsible employer. Part of the vision is to have local Electrolux, Worldchefs and AIESEC volunteers working side by side to have a real impact on communities. In particular, projects focusing on one or more of the below areas are incentivized through the Electrolux Food Foundation and the Feed the Planet partnership: