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Always act ethically and respect human rights


Progress on our promise

Electrolux will earn the trust of everyone impacted by our operations, demonstrating our commitment to ethics and human rights through our words and actions.

The roadmap to 2020 Next steps
Develop and implement a cohesive, group-wide approach to human rights. 
  • Develop and pilot a local human rights impact assessment in 2017.
Provide guidance to employees on how to do the right thing by promoting the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.
  • Achieve global rollout of the Ethics at Electrolux program.

    Continue the rollout of the Code of Conduct educational campaign, with the aim of reaching all employees.
Be responsive and respectful when dealing with issues of concern, building trust in our Ethics Program among employees. 
  • Work to improve the degree of employee trust in the Ethics Helpline in those countries with low scores in the 2016 employee engagement survey.

    Further develop our process for handling Ethics Helpline cases, through shared learning and common principles of integrity and confidentiality.

​​ On track

​​ Additional effort is required

​​ Off track  

​​ Work has not yet begun  

How we measure progress

  1. Share of Electrolux employees covered by the Ethics Helpline.
  2. Share of women in Tier 2 and Tier 3 positions.
  3. Level of trust in the Ethics Helpline according to our employees.
  4. Level of understanding of the Code of Conduct by our employees.

The nine Electrolux promises reinforce the importance of human and labor rights, ethics and anti-corruption.

Building a cohesive approach to human rights

The aim of our work with human rights includes providing a safe environment where workers are free from harassment or discrimination, providing fair working conditions for employees and respecting their freedom of association.