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Ensure the best health and safety


Progress on our promise

Electrolux will be the leader on health and safety in the appliance industry, wherever we operate in the world.

The roadmap to 2020 Next steps
Continue to reduce our global injury rate (TCIR) by at least 5% every year.
Attain safety certification for our operations across the world.
  • To be aligned with the launch of new ISO 45001 standard.
Integrate the Group’s safety program into new acquisitions within three years of purchase. 

​​ On track  

​​ Additional effort is required  

​​ Off track  

​​ Work has not yet begun  

How we measure progress

  1. Global injury rate (TCIR)
  2. Lost days due to injury (LCIR)

We continued our efforts to ensure the safety of our people, with ambitious goals and creative ways of engaging our teams. The results speak for themselves. 

Since 2012 our incident rate has declined by 49% across the Group.

First-class health and safety practices are an essential step for building trust among employees, their families and local communities. Our work with OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) focuses primarily on the safety of workers in production and also raises awareness of the health and wellbeing of office workers.

Our current global injury rate (TCIR) of 0.6 compares favorably with other well-known benchmarks, as reported in publicly available sources. 72% of our manufacturing sites have achieved a rate below 1.0. Even though our performance is already high, we have an ambitious target in place: to reduce our global injury rate (TCIR) by at least 5% every year.