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Provide sustainable solutions for everyone


Progress on our promise

Electrolux will leverage its global presence to accelerate technology transfer to emerging markets.

How we measure progress

  • To be announced.

The need for energy efficient appliances among the growing middle class in emerging markets is evident. Our objective is to develop global platforms with a high degree of modularization to deliver affordable products with good environmental performance.

The success of this promise lies in delivering an attractive product that meets consumer needs, brand and distribution, as well as the right market conditions to emphasize the value of efficiency. At the local level in Asia, South America and the Middle East, Electrolux is developing solutions that help the growing middle class gain access to efficient appliances.

The race toward energy efficiency is a major trend. It is driven by consumer demand and our desire to manufacture sustainable products.

Through our global technology platform, we are better able to bring efficient appliances to market cost effectively.

Electrolux has been providing efficient products to the growing middle class of Brazil for quite some time. In our 2014 brand survey among mass-market consumers, Brazilian respondents underlined the importance of minimizing their use of water, a priority that has increased significantly since 2012. The Electrolux brand is the most strongly associated with this priority.

A new range of refrigerators, aimed at the mass market in Australia and New Zealand, offers 25% and 35% reduction in energy consumption.

Electrolux also plays an active role in United for Efficiency, a UNEP-led project to develop recommendations on how emerging markets can ‘leapfrog’ to greater energy efficiency. The program aims to advise governments on areas such as energy labeling, incentive programs, and the disposal of redundant refrigerators.

The challenges

  • Organizational alignment across relevant markets in order to leverage our global platforms for this aim.