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Bright ideas for better food

Electrolux has 60,000 employees and countless consumers in more than 150 countries. We reached out to hear what they have to say about one of our most pressing questions: how can Electrolux help people enjoy great-tasting food in a healthy, more sustainable way?

Scan your recipe

Once again, we involved people in the Electrolux Ideas Lab, which is a global ideas competition to inspire creative thinking for the homes of today and the future. The contest is open for anyone over the age of 18.

We welcomed all ideas and any solution, as long as they helped inspire people to enjoy tastier, healthier and more sustainable home cooking in the future. We had 3,300 registered participants and 530 submitted ideas.

The winning idea was WatchYourself, a wrist-worn gadget that scans food straight off the supermarket shelf and projects recipes into the palm of your hand. 

The winner, a product design student from Estonia, was awarded with a EUR 10,000 cash prize and a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Sweden. This VIP invite included introductions to some of the most inventive minds on the Scandinavian start-up scene, leaders from Electrolux and other corporate heavyweights who will act as mentors. Finally, the winner got to enjoy exceptional cuisine from some of the best chefs in the world.

Inspiration from within

For the fourth time, we turned to our employees to bring new innovations to the fore through iJam, our crowdsourcing event. Over 9,300 colleagues came up with a total of 554 ideas for great-tasting, healthy and sustainable food.

iJam is a 72 hour online crowdsourcing event, where employees are invited to contribute ideas for products, accessories, consumables and services and collaborate to improve each other’s ideas. iJam funnels ideas from employees into the Global Innovation Portfolio at Electrolux.

Check out WatchYourself, the winning idea at Electrolux Ideas Lab.


  • 72-hour internal ideation online
  • Internal crowd voting for the top 60
  • Electrolux experts choose the top 20
  • Internal crowd voting to the top 10
  • Group Management selects top 3 winners

“We have received so many great ideas, not just products but experiences too, about how we can connect our smart devices and give new ways for consumers to interact with our products and benefit from them. We have 58,000 employees and we are consumers too; we all have ideas on how to improve our lives and those we get through iJam really gives us a competitive advantage.”

Jonas Samuelson, President and CEO of Electrolux

This case study is related to our promise Constantly improve product performance and efficiency