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Treating your clothes with respect

We work hard to create high-performing washing machines that take better care of fabrics, save money and reduce the environmental footprint.

Electrolux offers a range of technologies and appliances with superb environmental performance. Say hello to two of our best caring friends, SoftWater Technology for consumers and Efficient Dosing System for professional users.

No fading, wash after wash

The new SoftWater Technology, available in the AEG 9000 Series washing machines, prevents fading and keeps fabrics soft and in-shape while reducing the environmental impact of laundry.

Water contains minerals that are harsh on fabrics. To keep the minerals from harming garments, SoftWater Technology purifies and softens the water used, without adding chemicals. The inlet water passes through an ion-exchange filter, where damaging minerals are removed and replaced with clothes-friendly sodium ions. Detergents work more efficiently in soft water so the machine is able to deliver 60 degree cleaning performance at only 30 degrees. Washing at 30 degrees is much gentler on fabrics, so colors remain brighter for longer. It also reduces the use of energy and detergents.

SoftWater Technology became available under the Electrolux brand in December 2016.

In a nutshell:

  • Clothes-friendly
    SoftWater Technology removes minerals that are harsh on fabrics.
  • With a little help
    An ion-exchange filtration system optimizes the water entering the drum for detergents and softeners to work at maximum efficiency, even at the lowest temperatures.
  • Color buddy
    Maintains colors and prevents fading, while keeping fabrics soft and in-shape. This means you can keep your favorite clothes for longer!
  • Top rated
    The AEG 9000 Series washing machines with SoftWater Technology are graded A+++ -70%, meaning they use 70 percent less energy than an A+++ rated washing machine.

Learn more about SoftWater Technology


Professional Products

All you have to do is press start

Overdosing on detergent is more of a rule than an exception, even in professional laundries. In most cases, the amount of detergent is not adapted to linen weight and the machine simply assumes a full load. With the Efficient Dosing System, Electrolux Professional machines work in the exact opposite way, resulting in the lowest cycle cost for big laundries, for instance in hotels and hospitals. The process is 100 percent automatic, so all you have to do is press start.


This case study is related to our promise Constantly improve product performance and efficiency


Learn more about the Efficient Dosing System

What is the difference between filling and washing a 100 percent and a 72 percent load? Watch this video to find out how to save up to 40 percent on your detergents.