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Smarter laundry for businesses

Electrolux is now developing Pay-Per-Wash 2.0, an updated cloud-based laundry system for businesses.

Why invest in laundry machines when all you need is a service? In 2013, Electrolux Professional and its North American partner Laundrylux developed Pay-Per-Wash, mainly aimed at seasonal business such as restaurants and hotels. Paying per wash cycle helps these businesses avoid fixed costs and take care of the laundry in a sustainable way. A solution like Pay-Per-Wash makes better use of all resources involved, not just capital.

The first Pay-Per-Wash system used text messaging to monitor ‘wash credits’ that enable customers to run the laundry equipment. Pay-Per-Wash 2.0 will be even smarter and faster. The new Pay-Per-Wash for on-premises laundries is scheduled for launch in 2017.

This case study is related to our promise Constantly improve product performance and efficiency