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Fabric care is fundamental to extend the lifespan of our clothes and washing them with less energy, water and detergents contributes to a more sustainable future. 

Around 70% of people inherit their care habits from their parents making them outdated by today’s standards. Consumers buy 400% more clothing than they did 20 years ago and 90% of our clothes are thrown away long before they need to be, largely due to a ‘fast fashion’ culture and laundry habits. Extending the life of clothing by nine months - taking better care of clothes - reduces carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20-30% per garment.

“We at Electrolux can do our part by helping consumers wash and take care of their clothes in ways that makes the clothes produced last longer while reducing the environmental impact,” says Marco Monacchi, SVP Consumer Experience, Global Fabric Care.

A thorough clean at 30°C

Consumers agree that increasing the lifespan of clothes by taking good care of them is the most sustainable approach. Yet, according to the Electrolux Better Living Report only 1 in 3 use lower temperatures.  

The Electrolux PerfectCare 900 series washing machines have unique technology with the ColorCare system that ensure that colors do not fade. The machine purifies water with a unique ion-exchange filtering system and consumers can get the thorough clean of a 60°C wash at just 30°C.

This technology cleans garments so delicately that consumers can be confident the colors - even blacks - will stay as vibrant as when they were brand new.

Smart and sustainable washing

Autodose intelligent sensors in the Electrolux PerfectCare 800 washing machine, launched in 2019, calculate the precise amount of detergent and softener for each load, which avoids unnecessary waste and protects clothes from early aging caused by overdosing.

When it comes to cycles, the machine’s UltraWash is the ideal balance of care and energy efficiency for mixed loads - a 59-minute cycle with efficient, low-temperature washing. "By washing with Ultrawash at 30°C, you save up to 35% energy compared to a 40°C cotton program,” explains Karina Moreira, Product Marketing Manager, Laundry.  

Dare to dry – for longer-lasting clothes

“Our insights show that consumers mainly use their tumble dryer for cotton items like bedlinen and towels because they are concerned about damaging their clothes,” Moreira adds.

But tumble drying can preserve clothes and prolong functionality. “For example, tumble drying restores water repellency for outdoor clothes, maintaining a 30% higher thermal functionality in down jackets compared to when they are air-dried – and as a result – making them last longer.”

The AEG 9000 tumble dryer was launched across Europe in 2019. Its built-in 3DScan technology scans the humidity of the garment, inside and out, to detect residual moisture. The machine responds by adjusting its time and temperature to ensure the clothes are dried properly and enables delicates, like a shimmering dress, soft woolen wrap or a silk scarf to be evenly and gently dried.

Our Electrolux PerfectCare 900 washer-dryer - with heat pump technology – was launched in 2019 and works at nearly half the temperature of standard dryers, meaning garments aren’t exposed to excessive or damaging heat. This ensures clothes last longer and the use of a heat pump washer-dryer saves up to 45% energy.

UltraEco for Batik in Indonesia

Electrolux responded to the unique laundry needs of Indonesian consumers with the energy-efficient UltraEco range. The frontload washing machine market in the country is restricted by the power limits in many households while Batik - the special waxed and dyed fabric native to Indonesia - requires extra special laundry care.

The heater has been removed and wash cycles improved resulting in energy savings of up to 70 percent, with a maximum power consumption of 350 watts per cycle. “It means consumers can run both the washing machine as well as heavy consumption devices without issues,” explains Daniel Chee, Senior Regional Product Manager Fabric Care APAC & MEA.

What’s more, the range was the first on the Indonesian market to feature a Batik Care program and Hijab cycle, used to ensure optimal wash performance yet care for the specific fabric and garments.

“It remains our top-selling range in Indonesia and all subsequent generations of products will incorporate UltraEco capabilities,” Chee adds. “We will also shift from using universal motors to inverter motors to bring power consumption down even further for the UltraEco range.”


Electrolux is a leading global appliance company that has shaped living for the better for more than 100 years. We reinvent taste, care and wellbeing experiences for millions of people around the world, always striving to be at the forefront of sustainability in society through our solutions and operations. Under our brands, including Electrolux, AEG and Frigidaire, we sell approximately 60 million household products in approximately 120 markets every year. In 2019 Electrolux had sales of SEK 119 billion and employed 49,000 people around the world.

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